Irish researchers develop perfect pizza scanner

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Scientists have developed a machine combining computerized optical scanners and fuzzy logic to build mathematically perfect pizzas.

According to a report in the Times of India, the efforts of Sun Da-Wen and Tadhg Brosnan, researchers at Ireland's University College Dublin, the pizza of the future will be sauced, cheesed and topped with millimetric accuracy.

They've achieved their so-called perfect pizza by taking 25 digital snapshots of 25 pizzas. The details of those images then were broken down and transformed into a mathematical formula to define the optimal pizza crust area and spatial ratio between toppings.

Once used in production, the system will employ cameras that scan pizzas as they're made and compare them against the idea model in the photographic database. If a pie is found topped or sauced disproportionately or unevenly, it’ll be rejected or corrected.


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