Can we have Chicken Tonight tomorrow?

Chicken Tonight is a brand of jarred sauce intended to be added to browned chicken pieces in a skillet. It was available in 16 flavours such as Honey & Mustard, Country French, Chicken Cacciatore and Thai Green Curry.

The associated advertising slogan was "I feel like Chicken Tonight". In one series of television ads, these words were sung by actors as they 'flapped' their arms and cocked their necks while strutting arpund in a movement similar to the chicken dance.

Here is one of the many Chicken tonight commercials that would appear on a regular basis (specifically during T.G.I.F. maybe between Family Matters and Full House) :

The American version of the product quickly failed, however, it is still popular in Australia, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, where there exists spin-off products such as "Beef Tonight" (click), and more recently "Sausages Tonight".

On the television show The Late Show (Australia) there was a skit made where everyone danced around singing "I Feel Like A Dickhead Tonight" (click here)

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