anthropophagy (eating dick)

"The Homosexual Internet Sex Cannibal"

A lonely bisexual, the product of a tortured, cold and unloving relationship with his late, domineering mother, Meiwes, 42, collected sex and torture scenes off the internet and advertised to meet a "well-built man who wants to be eaten".
He met Bernd-Jurgen Brandes, 43, a computer engineer from Berlin, in an online cannibal "cafe".
Brandes posted an explicit and challenging note: "I offer myself to you and will let you dine from my live body. Whoever REALLY wants to do it will need a REAL VICTIM."

Meiwes, using the name Franky, replied and after an internet courtship, he killed and ate Brandes in March 2001.
They first shared Brandes's severed penis(appetizer). Meiwes says it was "tough and unpalatable". And then Meiwes stabbed his willing victim and cut him up into joints of meat.

Peter Fray, Secret World of the Suburban Cannibal, 2004

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